Dotloop Transaction Management Mastery

Common Questions When Working On A Document In Dotloop:

How do I resend a document I've already shared?
To resend or reshare a document, first start by opening the document. Once open, click the Share button. In the share window, click on the Reshare and More Options link. Once here, you can check mark the person and click Reshare to send the document again. Here you can also change the sharing permission, as well as remove the share from the person by hovering over their name and clicking on the "x" to the right of their name.

How do my clients sign?
Once you have shared a document with Can Sign permissions to a client, they will receive an email from dotloop with the subject line: ACTION NEEDED - [agent's name] needs you to sign a document - [date stamp] - [time stamp]. The client must click the View Document button in the email to open the document for signing. They will see a window prompting them to sign up for an account, this is optional - simply click the X in the top right to exit the window. To begin the signing process, they must click the Start Signing button at the rop right of the document and follow the prompts.

How do I share a document?
Click on the checkbox next to one or more document names, then click the Share button. After selecting documents to share, you must choose one or more recipients and decide how recipients interact with those documents by selecting a Share Permission. You may also include a custom share message or attach a flat PDF copy of the document(s) to the share email.

I was shared a document, but cannot edit it. Why?
If you find you are unable to edit a document that has been shared to you, then you might not have the appropriate permission to do so. Editing a document requires the Can Edit In Private permission. When opening the document, at the top left you will see the document name and the permission you currently have. If the document prompts you to start signing, then you were shared the document to sign. We suggest reaching out to the party that shared the document with you and requesting the ability to edit in private.

How do I edit a document in a loop and assign signatures?
Open a document in your loop by clicking the document title. Review the toolbar options to add more fields, download, or print the document. A second toolbar appears upon clicking fields - use these options to edit text and adjust formatting. You can also assign fields to people in your loop by clicking the Assigned to dropdown. Assigning signatures and initials are required for your clients to be prompted to sign.

I have missing documents in my loop./How do I unarchive documents?
If you are missing documents in your loop, or have archived them, you can find them and retrieve them easily. First, make sure there are no documents check marked. Next, to the right of the word Documents you will see a link that says Show Archived. Clicking on this link will show you all you archived documents at the bottom of the list with grey lettering. If you wish to unarchive these documents, simply click on the three dots to the right of the document name and choose the Unarchive option from the drop down. If an entire folder is archived, follow the same steps, only in the menu to the right of the folder's name instead.

Why can't I see my company or association templates?
If you cannot see any company or association templates, then you may not yet be connected to your company or association. To connect to your company, reach out and provide them with your email address so they can add you to their roster. To connect to your association, click on the profile switcher (the circular icon at the top right of the page, next to your profile name) and click My Account. Next, click on the Profiles tab on the left, and then select your profile from the dropdown. Once there, scroll down to the section labeled Brokerage and Associations and click Add Association. Here you can search for the association you belong to.