Dotloop Transaction Management Mastery

Your listing loop/file is complete. All of the documents have been signed. You're ready to start the marketing process.

The next step is to Submit your loop or file for Review which means you're turning in your file to your back office for processing.

Submit for Review: This notifies your back office that there is a new listing ready for review. From your listing loop, click the Submit for Review button.

Check the box to the left of your listing folder and choose Add a note if needed. Click Submit.

Your listing is now in the hands of our back office.

Note: If you get a message that says a required document is missing and you're unable to submit for review, add the missing document and then submit for review again. If you do not submit the loop for review, your back office will not know that there's a listing waiting to be processed.

Once the back office has your loop in queue, they go to work.

Here's a look at the initial steps the back office takes:

Review: Review the loop for compliance verifying ownership, dates, price, commission and signatures.

Compliance Review: During the Initial Review stage, if the back office finds that a required document is still needed or a signature has been missed, they will notify the agent via dotloop's messenger feature which also triggers an email notification. Communicating using the messenger feature in dotloop keeps all communication within the loop. Remember, dotloop is collaborative and there are multiple back office admin that access the loops during the life of the transaction. Communicating using dotloop's messenger feature keeps everyone informed.

Yard Sign: Order the yard sign based on your instructions on the Listing Deal Sheet.

Photos: Confirm that the photos have been received. We require a minimum of 6 photos/100 max. Photos should be emailed to or shared via google drive. Professional, high-quality photos matter. You'll never get another chance to make a first impression and photos can make or break your marketing efforts.

Data Load-In: The back office loads the listing in MLS and These websites feed out to Zillow, plus 200+ others.

Home Warranty: If the sellers have opted to purchase home warranty coverage from our preferred partner, Global Home USA, the back office will place the order. If agents are opting to use another home warranty vendor, the agents are responsible for placing the orders themselves.

Thank You Letter: The back office emails a "Thank You for the Listing" note, along with a copy of the broker-accepted listing agreement, to the seller. See copy below.

Your Listing is Live: The back office emails a "Listing is Live" note, along with a copy of the MLS Detail, to the agent. See sample below.

What do the various Review Stages in dotloop mean?

Initial Review: Once you've submitted your listing to the back office, the first stage is Initial Review, which alerts the back office of the new listing.

Compliance Review: The stage where the back office is going through your loop confirming that all documents are in order.

Returned to Agent: This means that there is a document that is not complete. The back office marks the document Returned and notifies the agent of what's needed to complete the document.

Re-Submitted: This means that a document that was originally returned to the agent as incomplete, how now been completed by the agent and submitted for review again.

Additional Documents Submitted: After the initial submission of the loop, any documents added to the loop and submitted for review will be marked as Additional Documents Submitted.

Approved: All documents in the loop are complete.

Not Reviewed: If a loop doesn't actually make it to the market, the back office will use the Not Reviewed status to remove this loop from their queues.

FAQs: Use this email to communicate with our Listings team for anything related to your listings that cannot be submitted through dotloop.

Open House Requests: Send your open house request to and we'll populate the various websites for you. Include the property address, date and time of the open house. Please send your request at least 2 days in advance of the open house to allow time for the request to feed out to the various platforms.

Price, Status or Other Changes: All changes should be made on an MLS Listing Status Change Form which can be found in dotloop. Changes to the original listing agreement will require the seller's signatures. If an agent receives a request for a change via email from a seller, the agent can forward that request to