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The art of connection using D.I.S.C. & V.A.K.

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Communication is
7% of the words Used
38% of the tonality ( tone of the words said)
55% is body language.

People like people who are like themselves; think of someone you like and someone you don't.

Words Used
Body language

Understanding Mirror & matching

Milton Erikson is credited with the technique of "mirror and matching". He believed that when people got close to eachother they would begin to mirror eachother. The common mistake though, is waiting until you find words in common. There are multiple ways to commuincate and all of those ways can follow this method.

Gestures, facial expressions & tempo

Breathing, touch, and specific words

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Volume, posture & eye contact

Proximity and even simple actions like drinking or picking up a pen.

Build Rapport.

Selling is NOT Telling

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  • Rapport is created by a feeling of commonality; focus on them.
  • Repeat and affirm; rephrase; label
  • Use your sensory acuity
  • Pacing and leading
  • Use feedback loops; "does that make sense?"; "Does that work for you?"
  • If you understand your strategies, you can use them powerfully to create action that otherwise would not have been possible to create.
  • Always remember that selling is rapport and connection which is built by asking a set of questions so that you can understand the prospects needs and make them feel comfortable and understood.

Understanding DISC Personality Traits


Understanding How You Come Across:

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