Script Mastery

Learn your scripts, practice, practice, practice.

Get Started

scripts Role Play

Step 1. Give/allow access to your microphone when prompted.
Step 2. Select which script you want to practice. You can even click on it to make it pop up and enlarge.
Step 3. To start role playing simply start talking and say out loud what script you want to practice. For example say "I'd like to practice my expired listing script" The Role Play Assistant will begin talking back.
Step 4. Practice, practice practice

Prospecting Scripts

Expired Listings Script
Expired Script.png__PID:d3571129-e527-48d5-914b-87bb456e0269
FSBO Script
FSBO Script.png__PID:dd80b518-59ad-47ac-8557-986c78969b8d
Farming Script
Farming Script.png__PID:0b887691-7735-4fff-aab1-83fdad560433
SOI ( Sphere Of Influence Script)
SOI script.png__PID:917735cf-ffea-4183-bdad-56043358ce44
Vacant Land Script
Vacant Land Script.png__PID:cfffeab1-83fd-4d56-8433-58ce44b3c5ee

Listing Scripts

Listing Prequal Script
C21 Beggins Scripts_Page_1.png__PID:87bccfb7-b38b-4c44-b087-325c4312feda
C21 Beggins Scripts_Page_2.png__PID:b187bccf-b7b3-4bfc-84b0-87325c4312fe
Listing Presentation Script
C21 Beggins Scripts (1)_Page_1.png__PID:b38bfc44-b087-425c-8312-fedab83fdacd
C21 Beggins Scripts (1)_Page_3.png__PID:b7b38bfc-44b0-4732-9c43-12fedab83fda
C21 Beggins Scripts (1)_Page_2.png__PID:cfb7b38b-fc44-4087-b25c-4312fedab83f
"What will you do differently?" Objection
"Will you cut your commission?" Objection
"Another agent told me they could get more" Objection
Know Your Worth- Overcoming Commission Objection
How To Handle Transaction Fee Objection
Always Get Approval To Lower Commission
How To Handle "You're not experienced" Objection
How To Handle " You have never handled this level of a listing before" Objection
How To Handle "We want to think it over" Objection

Buyer Scripts

Buyer Prequal Script
Buyer Prequal Script.png__PID:7e818f33-d073-4678-a4e4-56e783703be5
How To Handle Buyer Representation Script