The Bulletproof Listing Process

The Listing Presentation...
The Listing Presentation

The Listing Presentation Script

Mirror and Match greeting. (Repeat back their greeting exactly - match their energy / tonality / vocabulary)




Thank you for having me over. This should only take a few minutes. Let’s go have a seat at the kitchen table.

I wrote down 3 important questions for you …

Have you absolutely decided to sell your property?

Will you position your property to sell versus the competition? Or do we position your property so it sits on the market?

(it’s totally ok to say Yes to this one) Do you want CENTURY 21 Beggins to handle the sale for you? If they say yes, Go to the PRICING and SIGN THE CONTRACT. If “No” or they are not sure yet … then continue on!


At the end of my presentation, one of three things will happen …

You’ll have the opportunity to hire CENTURY 21 Beggins

You’ll decide not to hire me

We’ll decide not to market your property … and any of these is fine. (This will only happen if we can’t come to agreement on price and terms)

Let’s quickly take a moment to review the questions I asked you over the phone.

You said you were moving to (___________________) Right?

And you said you want to be there by (______________) Correct?

You think you would like to price your property at (________________) Right?

And … you said you owe (_________________) Right?

And … you did (did not) want to hold seller financing (___________________) Correct?

Did you have the opportunity to watch the presentation that I emailed to you?

YES - Great! Any questions? What did you think about it?

NO - No Problem. Please take a few minutes when you can. (or offer to watch it together)

There are really only two issues we have to look at today.

Your motivation to sell your property … and

The price we set on your property.

Now … It’s important that you understand … these are the only two issues in selling real estate today … are we clear on that?

I have prepared a Strategic Positioning Analysis for you.

The purpose of the Strategic Positioning Analysis is to determine the value of your home in the eyes of the BUYER. Do you know how Buyers determine value? Buyers determine value by comparison shopping. They look at the price of your home based on its features and benefits, and they compare it with the features and benefits of similar homes that have sold recently or are currently on the market.

What we have found is that if you want to increase VALUE: You need to either

Lower the price … or…

Have more features and benefits for the same price.

So … unless you’re planning to add more features/benefits to your home … Are you? (NO) Then … price is the only issue. Can I show you what I mean? Let’s look at the Strategic Positioning Analysis that I prepared for you.

We are going to compare your property with:

5 Similar Properties (Current competition) - What Buyers Can Pay.

5 Sold Properties - What Buyers Did Pay.

5 Expired/Withdrawn/Cancelled - What Buyers Refused to Pay.

Here are my questions for you. (Ask for each … ACTIVES 1st, SOLDS 2nd, and EXPIREDS 3rd)

What’s the least expensive home we are competing with (Active)(Sold) (Expired) … CIRCLE THEIR ANSWER

What’s the most expensive home we are competing with (Active) (Sold) (Expired) … CIRCLE THEIR ANSWER

Which home is most similar to yours … (Active) (Sold) (Expired) ... CIRCLE THEIR ANSWER

You said that you would like to have this property sold by _______, right? OK. Let’s review our Seller’s Cost Estimator to see how much money you will put in your pocket in the time frame that you want. Here is the range of values where your home should sell.

Pricing towards the left side will result in a SLOWER sale.

Pricing towards the right side will result in a FASTER sale.

Pricing towards the middle will result in a sale in the AVERAGE time on market.

Now that you’ve seen these prices … what price do you feel we should use to get this property sold for you in your timeframe? I will write that price in the listing agreement and let’s simply ... SIGN THE LISTING AGREEMENT … and let’s get your property sold!