The Beggins Bulletproof Buyer system

How to work with a buyer from start to finish.

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Introduction To Working W/ Buyers

The 6 P's

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  • Practice 
  • Prospect & Persistent Follow Up
  • Prequalify
  • Prepare & Position
  • Present
  • Process

P1- Practice, Practice, Practice

Internalizing the words is vital so that you can focus on connection and not what to say. The best way to accomplish this is by practicing. Watch the video below that provides advice on how to practice and download the scripts and practice, practice, practice.

Learn These Scripts:

Listen To The Scripts Here:


This business is simple, not easy. Bottom line; you need to talk to people. WHO you talk to is up to you. But you need to pick a lane and focus on it. Become an expert in that niche and follow up, follow up, follow up. To dive deeper into some common lanes click the button below.

Vist The Prospecting Hub

P3. Prequalify

Do you have a real Lead? 

If they can't answer these 3 simple questions, they are not 100% ready. That doesn't mean they are not worth spending time with. But, it's important to know what stage they are in and the timeline so that you can make strategic business decisions. Here are the three questions you need to ask yourself:
1. Have you spoken to their lender?
2. Do they HAVE to move?
3. Do they know where they want to move to and do they have a timeframe that they want to be there?

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Listen To The Script Here:

P4. Prepare & Position

P5. Present

The key to a great buyer presentation is establishing your value. This is not about opening doors and showing them where the kitchen is. This is about guiding them through the entire process from start to finish and using your expertise to get them the best deal terms possible.

How To Creat A Buyer Presentation In Moxi

Let's Go To P6- Process

p6. Process

At this stage you are ready to give your listing presentation. You have built rapport, set the expectations, provided a guide on pricing, and are ready to earn the listing. Here is how to nail the listing presentation:

How To Use ShowingTime

How To Set Up MLS Search

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